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Debbie Burkholder

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I have lived in South Florida for most of my life and can't imagine living anywhere else. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University and furthered my painting studies with many talented private art teachers. I was a graphic designer for many years before turning my focus to my passion – painting.

Oil is my medium of choice and orchids my favorite subject matter. Generally I work by painting thick layers of paint over thin, although I sometimes use glazes to portray the orchid's fluorescent colors. I prefer to work from life whenever possible taking photos only for reference. Plants are in constant motion, changing in color, size and direction so photos are necessary to capture the angles and details of the subject at a certain moment in time.

Vivid color, nature and still life have always been my favorite subjects so you can understand my fascination with orchids. They delight me with their radiant colors and with their wide variety of shapes and sizes. I am continually astonished by their intricate patterns and exquisite designs that look almost as if they were vintage brocade or delicate lace.

Most of the orchids featured in my paintings are very resilient and survive the spotlights of my studio. As a result, I now have many orchids growing in my backyard that I can enjoy year after year.