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Welcome to my web gallery, a showcase of oil paintings and prints. As a painter and graphic designer living in South Florida, I find inspiration in the colorful contrasts and textures of our tropical paradise.

Orchids are one of my favorite subjects. Their unique shapes, vivid colors, intricate patterns, as well as alluring scents, have captivated me as they have their many innocent pollinators. Their blooms are generally long-lasting, which gives me time to paint them from life.

You’ll find my paintings to be realistic, and I strive to portray orchids in a way that emphasizes their natural beauty. However, as true-to-life as my work is, it should not be confused for the work of a botanical artist. My paintings are influenced by my experience and training in the Graphic Design field and therefore, take on a more “designerly” quality.

Regardless of the approach to painting — traditional, nontraditional, or technical — I don’t believe any artist can match the true beauty of an orchid that is growing in its natural habitat.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site. I hope you will further explore its contents and enjoy the paintings as much as I have enjoyed painting them.


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